The Center organizes an annual graduate student educational tour in a Mediterranean region or specific country, led by professors from Columbia University and elsewhere. Through on-site presentations by graduate students and faculty members, the tour aims to give graduate students the opportunity to visit archaeological sites and museums that might otherwise be inaccessible, to expose them to the material culture, topography, and environment of a particular ancient Mediterranean culture, and finally, to foster the research and training of graduate students across several departments at Columbia. The tours are made possible by the generous funding of The Arete Foundation.

The 2017 graduate tour visited archaeological sites in Crete, Rhodes, and Attica and was led by Professor Marco Maiuro (La Sapienza/Columbia). Information about the 2018 tour will be forthcoming.

Recent tours :

2017: Greece - Crete, Rhodes, Attica. Leaders: Prof. M. Maiuro (La Sapienza); Prof. W.V. Harris (Columbia).

2016: Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Leaders: Prof. M. Maiuro (Columbia); Prof. A. Hunnell Chen (Brown). Specific sites included: Carmona, Ceuta, Conimbriga, Córdoba, Italica, Mérida, Granada, Málaga, Munigua, Recopolis, Sevilla, Toledo, and Volubilis.

2015: Greece (including Delos). Leaders: Prof. W.V. Harris (Columbia); Prof. Kousser (CUNY)

2014: Israel and Jordan. Leaders: Prof. F. de Angelis (Columbia); Prof. A. Alexandridis (Cornell).

2013: Sicily. Leaders: Prof. A. Cameron (Columbia); Prof. H. Valladares (UNC-Chapel Hill).

2012: The Balkans. Leaders: Prof. W.V. Harris (Columbia); A. Hunnell Chen (Brown).

Other regions visited in earlier years: Egypt, Turkey, Italy.