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Lecture: Ian Moyer (Michigan)

Professor Moyer's lecture, originally scheduled for February 10, has been postponed to Friday, March 10.

Title: "At the gates of the temple: Tracing the boundaries of Hellenistic political culture in Ptolemaic Egypt" 

Abstract: "The Hellenistic polis, as a recent body of scholarship has shown, manifested its political identity and authority through a range of shared epigraphic, material and spatial practices – practices that defined the public space of the city. To what extent did that common Hellenistic political culture extend to Ptolemaic Egypt?  Through an examination of priestly decrees, statues, and other practices of the temple gates and forecourts, this paper attempts to trace the boundaries of Hellenistic political culture and the limits of its recognition."

Edfu Temple Pylon

Edfu Temple Pylon